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August 2014: Cooperation Agreement with Zampell Refractories for North America

++ In July 2014, a further milestone was achieved by the J+G Group in regard to international growth. A cooperation agreement was signed with Zampell Refractories, Inc. focusing on the North American waste incineration market. Just like J+G, Zampell Refractories is a medium sized, family-run business located in Newburyport, Massachusetts/USA. They share common values and philosophy with J+G by having a dedication to engineering and product development for the benefit of the client. Just as J+G in Europe, Zampell Refractories has a high market share in the North American waste incineration sector.


The objective of the cooperation is to mutually introduce, establish and market our JuSyS tile systems and technology in North America. J+G offers unique solutions and information that can give a new perspective to Zampell and its clients on refractory maintenance and repairs.  Zampell’s COO, Brian J. Zampell, and J+G’s CEO, Markus Horn, also see further opportunities for cooperation in other business sectors. ++



May 2014: J+G opens branch office in Berlin


++ On May 1, 2014, Jünger+Gräter GmbH founded its branch office J+G Berlin. Consequently, J+G is now represented in the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany.


The branch office will primarily serve customers in the greater Berlin region.


The refractory expertise of this new member of the J+G Group is supplemented by know-how in the refractory engineering, chimney remodeling and utilitarian climbing sectors. This offers interesting new opportunities for the J+G Group, our product portfolio and business to sustain and expand our position in the market.++



July 2013: We have passed the QM-Re-Audit 2013, SCCP- Audit and OHSAS-First Audit !


++ Extensive audit by ZERTIFIZIERUNG BAU GmbH, Berlin/ZDH-ZERT GmbH Bonn with increased audit extent. In addition, the QM-Re-Audit to renew certification was upcoming along with the SCCP-Audit and for the first time in the history of J+G the first certification based on OHSAS BS 18001:2007 (an internationally recognized standard for an occupational health and safety management system). The objective was to document the functionality of both management systems applied for many years as well as to prove the services and performance according to OHSAS First Audit requirements.


The auditor stated that J+G showed an excellent performance in regard to fulfilling the given audit requirements. ++



June 2013: Successful Installation of JuSyS CFB in Papenburg with Customer Workshop


++ As part of the annual maintenance work during the shutdown of the biomass power plant operated by EEVAG in Papenburg, J+G and RefraServ installed for the first time 65m² JuSyS CFB tiles within 14 days. The work included the breakout of old material with high pressure water jets and the removal of the old anchoring.


During the shutdown a workshop was held on June 21, 2013, with more than 10 customers attending. Consequently, it was possible to view the installation of JuSyS CFB “live and in color”. The participants were particularly impressed by the speed and precision during the installation of the tube protection tiles in a used boiler. The positive feedback after our workshop and the exchange of gained experience gives us reason to hope that we will be asked to install the JuSyS CFB system in further circulating fluidized beds. ++



November 2012:    2nd J+G Circulating Fluidized Bed Workshop

++ After the first J+G circulating fluidized bed workshop in 2010 and the above average appreciation on the part of all participants, J+G conducted its second CFB workshop in November 2012 in the Congress Center Palatin in Wiesloch, Germany.


With focus on the topics CFB and refractory engineering, the attending operators, plant construction engineers, experts and J+G specialists were able to exchange information on gained experience with state-of-the-art circulating fluidized beds, possibilities to reduce costs and what to expect in the future. Over 60 participants accepted the J+G invitation to attend the workshop and were able to closely follow the informative and interesting presentations plus a refractory material installation demonstration at the J+G Schwetzingen location.


All participants took advantage of the opportunity to exchange information on gained experience and know-how in the CFB sector. Due to the positive response and thus high appreciation on the part of all participants, J+G will continue this workshop series in 2014. ++



November 2012:    J+G Schweiz

++ J+G Schweiz received an order from Wehrle Werk AG, Emmendingen, to provide the refractory lining for the new furnace line in the refuse incineration plant of Buchs AG.


After the plant in Bern had been lined to the utmost satisfaction of the customer, the new refuse incineration plant in 2012 will be lined with the JuSyS Air tile system which has provided superb service lives for many years now. All in all, a total of 8 incineration furnace lines will have been lined in Switzerland with the JuSyS Air system - the pioneer system in regard to rear-ventilated tile lining systems.


A high degree of confidence concerning the proven technology and performance of the young but highly experienced J+G Schweiz team was the difference and basis for awarding the contract to J+G Schweiz. ++



September 2012: Workshop "Operational experience with fluidized bed incineration 2012"
September 18-19, 2012, in Krakow, Poland


++ Together with the Stadtwerke Flensburg GmbH, Jünger+Gräter gave a presentation at the workshop in Krakow. The title of the presentation: "Developments and Operational Experience with Ceramic Tube Wall Protection Systems in the Circulating Fluidized Bed". The presentation focused on the experience gained with refractory tiles to protect the boiler tube wall against mechanical wear due to changed fuel compositions. Since wood and biomass are being used more and more frequently instead of fossil fuels, the susceptibility to damage as a result of cracks in the tubes intensified to such an extent that the efficiency of the use of such substitute fuels was suddenly highly questioned. Due to the development of JuSYS®CFB90/60, a boiler protection system was developed that is able to ensure sustained efficiency. ++



August 2012: Waste Gas Combustion Singapore


++ J+G got the order from Evonik for the construction of a waste gas combustion plant as part of a new methionin plant for the production of feed additives in Singapore. This plant will be built in 2013. J+G will supply all refractory materials and be in charge of the installation of these materials on site. ++



July 2012: First big order for J+G Austria


++ Jünger+Gräter Austria got the prestigious order for the construction of the new boiler in the refuse incineration plant located in Spittelau in the middle of Vienna. The refuse incineration plant in Spittelau is well known as result of its architecture by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. J+G Austria was awarded the contract via the boiler designer ThyssenKruppXervon (also as a result of the proven JuSyS tile systems) primarily due to the good location of our company in Vienna from a logistics viewpoint thus enabling the delivery of the needed refractory materials "just in time". The construction site is in the center of Vienna. This means narrow access roads and limited space at the site. ++



June 2012: J+G Austria getting stronger and stronger in biomass combustion


++ J+G Austria was able to win many new customers during its first year of operation. In the prospering market of small to medium size wood combustion plants, J+G Austria was able to secure Zauner Anlagenbau in Traiskirchen, Austria, as a new customer. The reason for this was that the previous refractory concepts did not satisfy the expectations and requirements of Zauner. The J+G concept, however, convinced them. Consequently, the J+G refractory concept was already ordered for three new plants. ++



September 2011: Jünger+Gräter Celebrates 75th Anniversary


+++ We celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Jünger+Gräter Group with a big event. The motto of our festivity: All in the same boat!


A total of 230 employees and their partners from Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland enjoyed a Rhine river cruise from Mainz to Cologne with beautiful weather on the boat “Godesburg” operated by the Köln-Düsseldorfer-Rheinschifffahrtslinie. The activities on the boat were numerous including the music by the band “The Speedos”, magicians, table soccer tournaments, gala meets art (painting a picture together), J+G quiz with valuable prizes, gala dinner and disco with a DJ on board. Of course the most important feature was the unique opportunity to have fun, get to know and talk with all the J+G colleagues.


You do not have to think that the party was over once everybody got off the boat around midnight. It just so happened that a highly talented entertainer was at the bar in our hotel located in the old part of Cologne. He entertained us into the early hours of the morning and to the extent that we were completely exhausted.


All in all, it was a very successful and joyful day for the entire J+G family. Of course everybody hopes that something like this will be staged again – at the latest on the day of our 100th anniversary. +++


Picture of the J+G Group



August 2011: Yunus Emre


+++ Yunus Emre was not only a Turkish poet but for J+G a several million Euro project in the heavyweight class of circulating fluidized beds. After tough negotiations we were successful in getting the contract for the lining of 2 x 145MWe circulating lignite (brown) coal fluidized bed power plants in Turkey by way of the Austrian plant engineering company ANDRITZ Energy & Environment GmbH.


The project will be implemented in 2012. J+G has been awarded the contract for engineering, supply of materials and construction site supervision. This contract proves once again that customers rely on J+G when it comes to detailed and high-end refractory engineering. +++



August 2011: Jünger+Gräter Austria


+++ We founded Jünger+Gräter Austria GmbH in August 2011. This is in line with our strategic objective to always be close to the customer.


As is already the case with our independent branches in France and Switzerland, it was important for us to also be in direct vicinity to our existing and new customers in Austria. The new branch, which is located centrally in Vienna-Inzersdorf, features a big storage facility in addition to sufficient office space. This helps us to reduce expense for equipment and material logistics for our customers in Austria and neighboring countries to the east. Of course we can now react much quicker. Branch manager Thomas Romaschow and his team are available to consult you. +++



July 2011: EBS-Kraftwerk Linz AG


+++ This is the next milestone in the sector of ceramic tube wall protection systems. Together with Strabag Energieanlagen GmbH, Vienna, Austria, J+G has completed its first lining job for an EBS circulating fluidized bed power plant operated by LINZ AG. J+G completely lined the power plant with ceramic tube wall protection tiles of the JuSyS product line.


The big challenge was to find a suited tile system for the critical area in the circulating fluidized bed. With JuSyS CFB, Jünger+Gräter had already operated various test installations in comparable plants. The innovation of the system is the superb erosion resistance of tile and joint and the variable heat flux density in the range of 1.0-8.0 W/mK.


Our premium system JuSyS Air was installed in the upper section of the plant where intensive corrosion occurs due to the combustion of substitute fuels. Here, too, this system was installed for the first time in a circulating fluidized bed after JuSyS Air by far achieved the longest service lives in comparison to all other available systems used in the waste incineration sector – specifically if there is high corrosion stress. +++  



April 2011:  Sad duty


+++ >> Obituary Heinz Eckel +++



February 2011:    Sales record within the J+G Group


+++ Despite difficult conditions in the plant engineering sector, J+G was able to achieve a new sales record in 2010 within the J+G Group. With over EUR 65.0 million sales with an overall performance of almost EUR 60.0 million, which corresponds to the year 2009, the J+G Group was very successful in dealing with numerous negative trends in this very problematical industrial sector.

This success reflects the superb performance of the entire J+G team and proves that our customers can rely 100 % on J+G in extremely difficult times. +++



November 2010:   CFB Workshop


+++ From Nov 24-26, 2010, we conducted the first J+G CFB workshop (CFB=Circulated Fluidized Bed) in the Palatin Conference Center in nearby Wiesloch and in Schwetzingen.

Over 70 participants from four countries accepted the invitation from J+G to come to this "CFB Community Meeting". In additional to several discourses, intensive workshop activities and practical presentations, there was also plenty of time for networking among the participants. After 2 1/2 days filled with information and new experience, all participants expressed the opinion that this should not be the first and last J+G CFB workshop. We accept this praise as recognition of our efforts in organizing this workshop and as responsibility for the future. +++



October 2010:  It's finally done!


+++ We achieved the important objective to have the remodeling work completed at our Schwetzingen location for our 75th anniversary in 2011. The first offices in the new building were occupied at the end of October 2010. The main building was expanded by an additional 330 m² office space based on a state-of-the-art energetics.

The cafeteria on the bottom floor is the new highlight which will serve a meeting point for festivities and as a place to spend breaks during the work day. The cafeteria is distinguished by its transparent and bright architecture. +++



August 2010:   Pearl GTL Qatar


+++ The installation of refractory materials in a total of 18 SGP reactors (Shell Gasification Plants) in Qatar was completed at the end of August. At times up to 100 bricklayers, 10 supervisors and foremen were busy at the construction site. J+G designed and supplied the entire infrastructure for the installation of the refractories at ambient temperatures over 50 °C. Approximately 2,500 tons of refractories were installed. Installation work was guided by the motto "Incident & Injury Free" of the end customer Shell. J+G was among the few suppliers able to complete their work within the given timeframe.


Pearl GTL is not only one of the biggest construction sites in the world but will be the largest plant of its kind once all work has been completed. Approximately 140,000 barrels fuel, 120,000 barrels liquid gas and resulting side products will be produced daily. The "North Field" on the coast serves as resource for this plant with an estimated sahre of 15 % of the worldwide gas reserves.


The Middle East will remain a very interesting market for Jünger+Gräter as part of its international activities. +++



July 2010:   Jünger+Gräter Schweiz


+++ J+G Schweiz was awarded the contract for remodeling the second incineration line at Clariant Schweiz AG. J+G Schweiz was successful in getting this contract for remodeling work in the existing plant due to Jünger+Gräter's superb handling of the first plant and resulting high level of customer satisfaction.


Consequently, the "Schweizerhalle" location with all its plants is served solely by Jünger+Gräter Schweiz. +++



June 2010:   Jünger+Gräter Schweiz


+++ J+G Schweiz was awarded the conctract for a complete remodeling of the refractory lining in two refuse incineration plants on Bermuda. Jünger+Gräter's competitive edge: Superb references regarding overseas business, short delivery times for engineering and refractory materials. The refractory materials are already on their way to Bermuda by boat. +++



March 2010:   Jünger+Gräter Schweiz


+++ Clariant is the latest company to select Jünger+Gräter Schweiz to provide local service and to take advantage of our innovative refractory concepts. Our Swiss colleagues were able to convince the next important customer at the Schweizerhalle Basel chemical industry location to let Jünger+Gräter Schweiz completely remodel their Waste Boiler no. 2.


Awarding this contract to Jünger+Gräter Schweiz was decisively influenced by the suggested design of the refractory lining. Clariant is now able to operate their plants in a more flexible way and, consequently, more efficiently.


Clariant has become the third customer at the Schweizerhalle location and Jünger+Gräter Schweiz has now a strong foothold here. +++


January 2010:    Major investment in the protection of our climate & environment

+++ Environmental protection is not only the biggest business sector for J+G but also a major cornerstone of our company philosophy. J+G has always been committed to the conversation of our resources and environmental protection. As part of the building and materials yard expansion project, J+G installed a photo-voltaic unit having 2,400 m² and a nominal performance of 228,75 kWp. It was hooked up to the circiut on Dec 30, 2009. Consequently, J+G is making a big contribution to climate protection because the unit produces over 200,000 kWh/year electricity resulting in 180,000 kg less CO2 emissions per year. +++


January 2010:    New Operation Time Record

+++ Our JuSyS Air tile system celebrated its 10th birthday in the waste incineration plants in Schwandorf, Burgkirchen (both of Germany) and Bern (Switzerland). During the 10 years of operation less than 15% of the tile area had to be replaced. Consequently, most of all tiles exceeded unbelievable 80,000 hours operation time. We are very pleased that our tile system had a long and successful "baptism of fire". Together with our customers, we will observe further growth of the JuSyS Air tile system to the teenager stage. +++


November 2009:    Further Milestone for J+G's international growth

+++ J+G received on order from Swiss plant engineering company vonRoll Inova for the refractory lining of 3 waste incineration lines located in the larger metropolitan area of London, United Kingdom. The plant has a total capacity to incinerate approx. 585,000 tons of municipal and industrial waste. This is the largest order ever placed at J+G in the waste incineration sector since the foundation of J+G. Once again a customer opted for operational safety and favored our JuSyS Air tile system. This project requires the installation of 2,000 m² JuSyS tile system of which approx. 80% will be rear-ventilated tiles. +++


November 2009:    Jünger+Gräter S.A.R.L.

+++ Our French subsidiary, J+G S.A.R.L., was likewise able to get its first major order after its new foundation and active work on the market in 2008. The engineering company OTV, a subsidiary of Veolia Water, awarded J+G S.A.R.L. the contract for 2 sewage sludge incinerators. The order value is above 700,000 EUR. Here, too, the customer opted for the proven J+G engineering concepts. For this customer (OTV) and project J+G will for the first time install a ceramic nozzle grate system. Due to J+G engineering, OTV is now in a position to build incinerators with a significantly higher capacity as offered by the nozzle grate system used by OTV in the past. +++


October 2009:    Jünger+Gräter Schweiz (Switzerland)

+++ After only 6 months of active work on the market our Swiss subsidiary was able to get its first major order. J+G Schweiz was awarded the contract to completely remodel more than 250 m² tile lining in the waste incinerator in Hinwil and operated by the company KEZO. Installation work will be completed during the first 3 months of 2010. It is remarkable that only approx. 40% of the original JuSyS Standard tile system must be replaced after 15 years of operation. The good experience with our JuSyS Standard tile system and our presence in Switzerland were decisive factors for KEZO to select J+G as partner after the incinerator had been serviced by a competitor in the meantime. +++


February 2009:   Jünger+Gräter Now Also in Switzerland

+++ Jünger+Gräter Schweiz GmbH was founded on February 6, 2009 at 11.23 hours at the office of a public notary in Zurich in the presence of our executive manager, Mr. Markus Horn, the operation manager of Jünger+Gräter Schweiz GmbH, Mr. Martin Callies and the commercial manager of J+G, Mr. Wolfram Arnold and Dr. Rauch as trustee. A trustee is obligatory in Switzerland. With the founding of our new company we have established a foothold in one of the most important markets for waste incineration in Europe thus being closer to customers and enhancing our international growth. +++